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Shannoncau4848 5 days ago

Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad at dannys is amazing! I have been coming to dannys for a long time now and the service and food are excellent! also the monte cristo is so yummy! anyone reading this please try dannys you will not be disappointed.

Leanncreates 9 days ago

Grandma's Famous Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or Homemade Soup of the Day

This is the palace to go for the most delicious chicken noodle soup! Anytime anyone I know is under the weather I stop in here for a to go order of a bowl of this wonderful chicken noodle soup. It is so nourishing it always makes me feel better, and anyone who has tried it can vouch! You can't just get it once! Per my husbands request I have come twice in one day to pick up the soup for him while he was under the weather.

Jolene 12 days ago

Chopped Vegetable Salad

This has become my favortie lunch time meal. I add avocado to it.

Zanosurf 14 days ago

Avocado, Bacon & Tomato Omelette

Great omelet

Mnruffinelli 16 days ago

BBQ Chicken Wrap or Sandwich

Danny's BBQ Chicken Wrap is my favorite item on the menu! There are so many great things on the menu to choose from but time and time again I come back to this. I have had many people ask me what I ordered while dining in the restaurant or when I've picked up and brought it to work for lunch. Always fresh ingredients and generous with the avocado. My favorite part might be the onion strings.

Mnruffinelli 16 days ago

BBQ Chicken Salad

My favorite salad on the menu! Ingredients are always fresh; super filling, and the BBQ ranch dressing is delicious on many things (especially onion rings & french fries).

Mnruffinelli 16 days ago

Chicken Wings

One of my favorite places to order buffalo wings! I love that they always have a good amount of sauce on them, not all dried up like some other places.

Lorioneal21 19 days ago

Monte Cristo

The best Monte Christo sandwich around. There aren't many around but even if there were Danny's would still be the best. As good as the Blue Bayou, minus the fireflies and crickets.

Jeane about 1 month ago

Monte Cristo

One of my husband's very favorite things to eat is a Monte Cristo sandwich - he totally LOVED Danny's! (...our grandson loved the amazing cinnamon roll he had a couple of weeks ago for breakfast...I just go crazy over the pickles! reminds me of my Aunt Elizabeth's crock of home-made pickles...THANK YOU!) I have a picture of the Monte Cristo but couldn't see how to add it to my comments.

Biederman about 1 month ago

Reubens, Reubens, Reubens

My husband and I split the Reuben. It is incredible!!!! One of our fave items to order.

Whit about 1 month ago

Blackened Chicken Pasta

The best pasta dish in all Ventura! So delicious with the perfect amount of spice! The Tri-Tip Salad and Pastrami Dip is also a favorite!! Quality home cooked food!!

Slreplogle8586 about 2 months ago

BBQ Chicken Salad

Amazing & very filling!!!

Dozer 2 months ago

Philadelphia Cheese Steak

John9ten is so right. I used to live in Philly and the sandwiches are exactly the same. Dont forget to ask for bella. XD LMAO, dozerlives16 signing out

Nikbaumer 3 months ago

Lox, Scrambled Eggs & Onions

The scrambled lox are amazing at Danny's. I get them every time. I would highly recommend them.

Friendsofjung 3 months ago

Scrambled lox, eggs and onions

Yum! 🍽 Add 2nd potato pancake and salsa, you got the best dish anytime of the day. 😀

Amber 3 months ago

Sunrise Salad

A light but flavorful salad! I like to order it with grilled shrimp! The supremed grapefruit sections and pine nuts make my mouth water just thinking about.

Dical 3 months ago

Matzoball or Kreplach

The yummy matzoball soup is my favorite and it brings back memories of my childhood. Hot, savory, great broth and vegies. All of it delicous!

Kattie 3 months ago

3 eggs any style with bacon or sausage, home fries and toast or bagel.

The eggs were made perfectly! Love the house fries!! Highly recommend!!!

Beth 4 months ago

Turkey Breast Sandwich

Delicious food, warm staff and super accommodating. Our special needs son is provided kind, patient service. Thankful for this great, local restaurant.

Hughes 4 months ago

3 eggs any style with bacon or sausage, home fries and toast or bagel.

Amazing!! I love Danny's Deli, they serve quality food at a good price and they are fast. I am very particular. (Pick up order today) 3 poached eggs (perfectly cooked) Hash browns and bacon Krispy (perfect), rye toast done wonderful with extra butter on the side. I order this in other restaurants while dining in and they cannot get it right. Thanks Danny's Deli!

Alexisbobbittpt 8 days ago

Matzoball or Kreplach

My grandparents and I come here every week for lunch. The menu has so many options, and we have never tried anything we don't love! I'm really partial to the matzoball soup though. It's perfectly seasoned, generous amounts of veggies and chicken, and a perfectly made matzoball in each bowl. I highly recommend a side of bagel chips to take it up a notch.

Candy 11 days ago

Cheese Blintzes

Blintzes just like Grandma used to make! Delicate, buttery crepe and creamy, sweet filling combine for the ultimate comfort food.

Mkweber72 14 days ago

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

When craving hot pastrami, this is it. The New York size does not disappoint. Add in the pickles, you need nothing else. The staff has always been on par. Finished up with their homemade cheesecake, it is a fine meal. But back to the sandwich, I do not think you will find any place better than Danny's.

Thomskate 16 days ago

Chicken in a Pot

Delicious anytime of the year and cures whatever ails you whether it's cabin fever or a fever from a cold. Nutritious and delicious the kreplach and dumplings make it a perfect meal. I love the fresh carrots and celery and chicken.

Mnruffinelli 16 days ago

French Fries

Who doesn't love french fries?! Danny's french fries are some of my all-time favorite, they don't over-salt them like so many other places. Great with a side of ranch dressing or their BBQ ranch dressing as well.

Mnruffinelli 16 days ago

Grandma's Famous Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or Homemade Soup of the Day

I'm not typically a soup lover but on a cool day or whenever I am not feeling well Danny's chicken noodle soup does the trick! Best I have ever had! Also love the generous portion size, Danny's cup of any of their soups is about as big as many other restaurants bowl of soup.

Witchinghour75 19 days ago

Double Decker

I dream of this sandwhich! It is just so good, the portions are huge and you can share or save for another meal or snack. The meat is fresh, quality I haven't found at a store. The dressing I believe is homemade because I've never tasted anything that good and I always ask for extra. This sandwhich satisfies all the cravings for simple and delicious. I need to go order me another

Joymoody3 20 days ago

Cobb Salad

Best restaurant with very special servers.

Biederman about 1 month ago

Chinese Chicken Salad

dressing is so light yet so flavorful. Lettuce is fresh and crisp

Jerrytaylor57 about 1 month ago

Chicken in a Pot

The chicken soup here is always hot and fresh we get it nearly every sunday and have never been disappointed

Crislj about 2 months ago

Pastrami Dip

One of my favorites! The pastrami is tender and tasty; the Swiss cheese blends wonderfully with the pastrami; and the dip is madly flavorful and made with natural drippings, not a watered down version. Danny's is my go back to restaurant in town.

Salenaayala 2 months ago

Monte Cristo

Thee best monte cristo ever!! The jam it comes with always tastes so fresh and homemade.

Lrodarte6 3 months ago

Chopped Vegetable Salad

Practically licked my plate!! Delicious!! Balsamic vinaigrette dressing :)

Stephnie 3 months ago

Bacon and cheese omelette with home fries and toast or bagel.

Amazing meal, portions were decent & food was hot when served. I'll be back.

Amber 3 months ago

Reubens, Reubens, Reubens

The perfect corned beef Reuben. I are so many of these while pregnant, I joked that my son's middle name would be Reuben! With cole slaw, fries, or sweet potato fries, the flavorful combination of meat, sauerkraut, grilled rye and thousand island is perfect every time.

Sapartridge95 3 months ago

French toast with bacon or sausage.

Great value breakfast special. The french toast is very eggy and delicious.

Warrenpeskin 3 months ago

3 eggs any style with bacon or sausage, home fries and toast or bagel.

The key word to Danny's is passion! Everyone from their team treat me with value. The food is consistently good and that's what I can count on. I come from a family of Deli people and I'm grateful we have Danny's Warren

Tarahstarr 3 months ago

Matzoball or Kreplach

This is my absolute favorite matzo ball soup! I drive 15 miles just to get this soup for my Hanukkah celebration!!

Aschoeppner 4 months ago

Hot Corned Beef Sandwich

You can't go wrong with hot corned beef sandwich on rye with mustard. It was delicious as always and I of course substituted onion rings for my side. My family always loves to go to Danny's because there's something on the menu for everyone 😊

B805c72 4 months ago

Pastrami Dip

This sandwich is so good. Pastrami is mouth watering tender meat that you gotta have New York style , even though I'm a California guy you gotta try. Yummy!


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